For the last five years, Radical Evolution has championed the voices of mixed-identity artists, celebrated our multicultural cohort of collaborators and proudly stood for equity and inclusion in everything we do. We’re planning to work harder than ever in 2017 to create daring work that is an expression of our beliefs. We need your support to make this ambitious programming happen in 2017!

Here’s what’s coming up: 

A World Premiere Production in June 2017
On the 50th anniversary of the historic Supreme Court decision removing the ban on interracial marriage, Radical Evolution is thrilled to partner with the Harold Clurman Lab Theatre to co-produce our next world premiere: 

Loving and Loving
By Beto O’Byrne
Developed with Meropi Peponides
Directed by Tamilla Woodard 

The team of the summer 2016 workshop of loving pause to take a picture and CELEBRATE the 49th anniversary of the the US Supreme Court DECISION

(Left to Right: Elisheba Ittoop, Grace Peneranda, Pete McElligott, Beto O'Byrne, Julienne Kim, Tamilla Woodard, Tia James, Taylor Zito, Joya Powell, Meropi Peponides

In the summer of 1958, Richard, a Caucasian man, and Mildred Loving an African/Native American woman, were woken up in the middle of the night, arrested for the crime of being married, and banished from their home in rural Virginia. The couple fought the legal system for eight years, demanding that their right to live as a married couple be upheld, which was finally granted by the US Supreme Court on June 12, 1967.  

Loving and Loving tells the story of Richard and Mildred, interwoven with interviews from the people who represent their legacy - people who identify as “mixed”, from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, talking about what it means to be mixed in America today. 

We’re deeply inspired by the love and possibility the Lovings represent - and are eager to begin a conversation that raises the visibility of their story and amplifies the voices of mixed-identity folks in the 21st Century. 


But first…

A public workshop of The San Patricio’s Project in January 2017

Our collaborators from El Teatro Campesino are coming NYC!

While they’re here we’ll hold a workshop of a new play with music inspired by the unlikely heroes of St. Patrick’s Battalion, who defected to fight for Mexico during the Mexican American war. Drawing on traditions of the legendary folk music of Ireland and Mexico, we will create a hybrid performance work that celebrates this epic and timely story.

This is a story of working-class immigrants (many of them undocumented) who stood in the face of opposition and repression to fight for what they believe in, and we’re honored to be recounting these forgotten lives in this time of uncertainty.

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