The Spectrum Reading Series offered playwrights an opportunity to hear early drafts of their new works for the first time in intimate and supportive settings. Part theatrical reading, part community-building event, these events were designed to be highly personalized. The company selects a playwright and script to work with and invites actors to participate in the evening, along with a few select audience members. 

Early iterations of the readings took take place at the home of Radical Evolution's co-founders. When participants arrived, they were served a home-cooked meal, customized for each event, and  light libations. After spending some time getting to know each other, they come together to read the play. Later, this series was moved to Hullabaloo Bookstore, a micro-bookstore and community space in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

This series provided a crucial first step in  production by bridging the gap between the solitary work of the playwright and a publicly attended event and were a early marker for success for Radical Evolution, with over 50 artists participating in the Spectrum Series on five different occasions to hear first drafts of new plays from five emerging playwrights. 

Spectrum Reading Series 

“The Recession Club” by Christina Quintana (November 2013)

“To Live is to Fly” by Beto O’Byrne (January, 2013)

“33” by Danny Mitarotondo (November, 2012)

“Buyer’s Remorse” by Stephanie Swirsky (May, 2012)

“The Weakest Force” by Alexis Roblan (December, 2011)