Creative Team

The Corrido of the San Patricios is a devised work led by Beto O’Byrne, Kinan Valdez, Meropi Peponides, Chas Croslin and Noé Yaocoatl Montoya.
Text: Beto O’Byrne
Director: Kinan Valdez
Dramturgy & Artistic Producing: Meropi Peponides
Composer/Arranger/Music Director: Chas Croslin
Composer/Lyricist/Arranger: Noé Yaocoatl Montoya

The work is the creation of an artistic collaboration between Radical Evolution and El Teatro Campesino, which began in 2015

Over the years, numerous artists have contributed to the project’s development, including: Carlo Albán, Ariana Bermudez, Oscar Cabrera, Trent Kowalik, Juan Sebastian Cruz, Carlos Cuestas & Radio Jarocho, Yadira de la Riva, Salomé Egas, Chaveli Flores, Annie Henk, Jonathan Hernandez, Jesse Huerta, Carlos Ibarra, Kathiamarice Lopez, Grace Peñaranda, Carolina Reyes, Leandro Rojas, Lydia Rosales, Aaron Ruiz, Christy Sandoval, Sandra Soto Silva, Adrian Torres, Benito Vasquez, and Jordi Viscarri

The Corrido of the San Patricios

In 1846, two hundred US soldiers defect from the American army to fight for Mexico in one of the most unjust conflicts of the 19th century - The Mexican-American War. These Irish immigrants came to be known as Los San Patricios (the St. Patrick's Battalion), revered in Mexico and Ireland as folk heroes, but considered traitors to the US military.

Utilizing era appropriate musical styles and a variety of theatrical techniques, this play with music explores a little-known legend to ask pressing questions around immigration, citizenship, and what happens when people follow their conscience to actively disrupt political systems.

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January 2019. Workshop. Sin Muros Festival, Stages Repertory Theatre. Houston, TX

July 2018. Developmental Workshop. Pregones Theater. Bronx, NY.

January, 2017, Developmental Workshop. New York Theatre Workshop. New York, NY

April, 2014. NET Travel Residency. El Teatro Campesino. San Juan Bautista, CA.

Fall 2010. Developmental Workshop. 2010 NET Microfest, Los Angeles Theatre Center, and Watts Towers Arts Center. Los Angeles, CA.

Spring 2010. Commission. Watts Village Theater Company. Los Angeles, CA.

This project is made possible, through support from the following funders:

The MAP Fund, supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Network of Ensemble Theaters’ Travel & Exchange Network (NET/TEN), supported by lead funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

The Puffin Foundation

2050 Fellowship Program at New York Theatre Workshop