Our Mission and Vision

Radical Evolution is a multiethnic producing collective committed to creating artistic events that seek to understand the complexities of the mixed-identity existence in the 21st Century. 

We believe that visibility and representation for the fastest growing demographic in our nation is crucial to live performance.  Our ensemble-based approach to creating aesthetically and formally rigorous events with people from a variety of backgrounds works to break down barriers between both cultures and specializations. We incorporate people from a variety of backgrounds into our creative process, with a focus on people of color, to seed the field of experimental and collaboratively created theatre with practitioners that celebrate the intersectionality of perspectives and aesthetics of the city around us. Through this approach, we work to assert a vision for cultural and social equity in our field, city, and nation.

Radical Evolution was founded in 2011 by Beto O’Byrne and Meropi Peponides, theatre makers who create cross-disciplinary performance works. We contribute to the conversation in NYC and beyond with works that seek to understand the complexities of modern, multiethnic, mixed-identity existence. 

In September 2015, we produced our first original, world premiere production - The Golden Drum Year: a story in poetry and prose. This was a significant milestone as the largest project in our history, involving more than 20 artists and production staff, over half of whom are artists of color from a plethora of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The production’s three week run, hosted by The Performance Project @ University Settlement, received universal critical acclaim and overwhelmingly positive feedback from audiences.

In past seasons, we have produced multiple workshops of The Golden Drum Year: a story in poetry and prose; begun development of The San Patricios Project, a new play with music, in partnership with El Teatro Campesino; and workshopped and created a production-ready script, Loving and Loving, based on the Loving v. Virginia supreme court case, to have a world premiere in June 2017.

We have also produced additional programming with our frequent collaborators, The Movement Theatre Company. In 2013, we associate produced the world premiere of Look Upon Our Loneliness by Harrison David Rivers at Harlem School of the Arts, and for several years have partnered on Go Green - a series focused on sustainable living practices in urban environments. Most recently, in August 2015, we co-produced Go Green: Pop Up!, a festival of multidisciplinary performance at the Urban Garden Center in Harlem.

As a part of our commitment to promoting diverse and challenging theatrical voices and supporting our peer community of makers, we have produced numerous readings including the book launch of Whiting Award winning playwright Virginia Grise’s The Panza Monologues at La Casa Azul bookstore; a reading of The Recession Club by Christina Quintana at Hullaballo Bookstore in Brooklyn, and several readings as part of the Dinner Reading Series at the home of Radical Evolution’s co-founders.

We live in a complex and integrated world where cultures, races, creeds, religions, genders, and classes constantly evolve, revolve, clash and interact.  We interrogate these interactions through our art and performance with an anti-racist analysis and a commitment to lifelong learning. Through our projects, we examine the intersections of our identities, celebrate difference and multiplicity, andaccept our inherent contradictions.

In addition to the subject matter of or work, we accomplish our mission by incorporating people from a variety of backgrounds into our ensemble, with a focus on people of color, seeding the field of experimental and collaboratively created theatre with practitioners that reflect our city and world.

It is our hope that these philosophies and working aesthetics contribute to our local, national, and global community with works that attempt to understand the complexities of  mixed-identity politics and our modern, multiethnic existence.

A core value of Radical Evolution is that we provide artistic works of the highest quality to as diverse a core audience as possible, and are constantly looking to find ways to bring as many members of the community to see our work as possible.

Research has shown that even at our anticipated consistently lower than average ticket price, cost is still a major barrier to attending arts performances. Another major barrier is cultural – many New Yorker’s we have spoken with do not know how to find out about theatre that is happening (aside from Broadway productions), how to determine which are quality productions, and where the productions are taking place. Added to this are time constraints of working people with families.

For each project, we work to develop relationships with specific organizations whose goals and interests relate directly or indirectly to the subject matter of the piece, each of whom will assemble a group to attend our productions, with the aim of beginning a long-term conversation through our body of work. Prior to their visit to the theatre, we offer groups the option to meet Radical Evolution artists, ask questions and share information about the organization with which they are affiliated.

If you are interested in connecting your organization with Radical Evolution, please contact Meropi Peponides at Meropi@radicalevolution.org.


Beto O’Byrne hails from East Texas and is the co-founder of Radical Evolution. As a theatre artist, his plays have been produced and supported throughout the U.S..  He is the former Artistic Director of the Austin Latino Theater Alliance and is an alumnus of INTAR’s Maria Irene Fornes HPRL, the Texas Black and Latino Playwriting Festival, Lincoln Center Theater’s Director’s Lab, and was twice the recipient of residences at the Tofte Lake Arts Center in Ely, MN. He is an Artistic and International Programs Associate for Theatre Communications Group as well as a steering committee member of the Latino/a Theatre Commons. www.betoobyrne.org


Meropi Peponides is an Artistic Producer, dramaturg, writer and co-founder of Radical Evolution. She has been collaboratively creating and producing theatre for the past 9 years with a focus on devised ensemble work, new plays, site-specific work and community-based performance. She is also the Producer at Soho Rep. in New York, where she produces the mainstage season. She serves on the Advisory Committee for The Performance Project @ University Settlement. She has been awarded a Time Warner Fellowship with the Women’s Project Lab, and a Creative Producing Fellowship with The Foundry Theatre. Other organizations with which she has collaborated include The Movement Theatre Company, The Public Theater, 24th Street Theatre and Watts Village Theatre Company. BA, UCLA. MFA, Columbia University (Dean's fellow).