Here's a bit more info on each of our monthly actions! 

March - Devising Across Disciplines! 

Saturday, March 18 - 2 - 5 PM
At The Stella Adler Studio of Acting
31 W. 27th Street, 2nd Floor, NYC 10001

A 3-hour workshop facilitated by co-founders of Radical Evolution that brings theater makers, musicians, dancers and all creative people together to play, create and (hopefully) discover something new about their own practice.

Because this month’s action requires artists of different disciplines to come together, we are asking everyone to register for a spot on Brown Paper Tickets, along with making a suggested donation of $10 (any amount accepted) to hold your spot in the room. All proceeds from the workshop will be donated to DRUM, an awesome immigrant rights organization, as a way of spreading the energy and intention behind our creative action into the world. 

We welcome all makers, professional and nonprofessional, new and experienced. All we ask is that you commit to showing up, come ready to participate, and be open to stepping out of your comfort zone. 

This month’s action is generously hosted by the Stella Adler Studio, co-producers of our upcoming production of Loving and Loving, taking place in June. We are so grateful to them for making space for this exploration, which is inspired by this story that crosses lines visible and invisible, interrogates what we think we may already know, and encourages us to vision and manifest a more loving world. 

February - National Write Out Participation!

Wednesday, February 15th
7 - 9 PM
Theatre Communications Group
520 Eighth Avenue, 24th Floor, NYC

Inspired by the National Write Out Action that writers are participating in all over the country, this action urges us to consider and articulate a response to the following prompt: “What’s worth fighting for is worth writing for". Our version of this action will be a gathering to write and reflect followed by a sharing of work read aloud with each other. And for whoever is up for it, we’ll post videos of folks reading their work or photos of the handwritten work online.

January - Teatro School! 

Saturday, January 14th
11 AM - 2 PM
Downtown Art
70 E. 4th St, East Village, NYC

Ensemble members from the historic Mexican-American theatre company, El Teatro Campesino, will introduce the three styles that inform their artistic tradition: Acto, Mito, and Corrido. This three-hour workshop covers the origins of the company, the development of their style, and the cultural traditions they draw from to create original, ensemble-based theatre for the past 51 years.